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Guest Support Hotline

Güral Premier

Our biggest goal is to ensure guest satisfaction during the pre- and post- accommodation services to provide high quality and unforgettable holiday. In this section, we value your suggestions and criticisms to shed light on our purpose with the help of “Guest Support Hotline”.It is possible to leave your feedback on website or get in touch with the Guest Relations Department via our hotline +90 242 813 5555 (Tekirova), +90 242 715 1600 (Belek). All feedbacks will be shared with related departments, carefully researched and guests will be informed about the result as soon as possible by Guest Relation Department.

Güral Premier understands the modern hospitality and guest-pleased oriented service requirements in order to protect the privacy of the shared information follows basic rules. Our Web Site is specially designed for positive comment/ complaint / suggestion entry. For the safety of entered information our website ensures the most reliable level of internet infrastructure of our hotel. The necessary measures are taken. Positive comment/ complaint / suggestion entered by our guests via our website can not be viewed by other internet users. This information is not used for e-mail or SMS (text message) communication with our guests. The information shared by our guests cannot be obtained by unauthorized users including Güral Premier staff. Güral Premier does not share the information with the institutions and organizations without the approval of our guests or any third party unless there is a legal notice. In order to protect the privacy of guests' personal information Gural Premier system and internet infrastructure measures have been improved to the most reliable level required. If any further information is necessary please do not hesitate to call the Guest Relation Department.

Feedback from guests declared as “Guest Support Hotline” provides them with a right to use all communication channels. Dear Guests,

Thank you for your interest to Güral Premier Family.
Closure rate in guest notifications coming from our rightful visitor line, is 100% for the season 2015 and %90 for the season 2016.
2017 There is a closure rate of 75.2% for guest notifications coming and continuing from our rightful guest line during the season.

You can submit and share all your feedback about your holiday on or by contacting guest relations officers on the line +90 242 813 5555 (Tekirova), +90 242 715 1600 (Belek).

All your feedback will be shared with the relevant departments, carefully investigated and the result will be reported to you by our guest relations department as soon as possible.