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Our Facility

Güral Premier Tekirova was established on 200.000 m2 and Güral Premier Belek 130.000 m2 wide land. Apart from having many advantages like large green areas, wide walking paths, it provides the opportunity to spend a safe, comfortable, and isolated holiday. Given the spaciousness of our territories, even when our hotels are full, there is 100 m2 of usable area per person.


When it comes to holidays, the indispensable passion of all of us is the beach and the sea. Our blueflagged beaches with their bright turquoise waters are Güral Premier Tekirova 440 mt and Güral Premier Belek 355 mt long.

Swimming Pools

To increase our service quality, Güral Premier Tekirova offers 20 adult pools and 7 children pools; Güral Premier Belek offers 18 adult pools and 10 children’s pools. Besides, there are 15 bars in each of our facilities, excluding food areas. The number of our pool and bars provides a great advantage in terms of the homogeneous distribution of our guests.


Based on the Turkish architectural style, our facilities consist of stylish structures with the highest level of comfort standards, with a maximum of 2-3 floored independent buildings and rooms with or without pools. All our mansions have been designed to create a natural climate effect; therefore the inner courtyards allow the sun and fresh air to enter the rooms. In addition, all our rooms have wood flooring to maintain the highest hygiene standards.


The indispensable place for families is the Aquapark. Güral Premier Tekirova with 22.000 m2 and Güral Premier Belek with15.000m2 area of Aquapark, offers dozens of slides, Restaurant, Bar, Swimming pools, baby sand pool and the pirate ship makes a difference as a unique entertainment place.

Kids Club

As a family hotel, we attach great importance to children. In both of our hotels, our huge Happyland Kids Club features indoor/outdoor playgrounds and activity areas in a large garden. Children’s areas are also available in our main pool, aquapark and beach. In this period, we can promise that your children will have fun and enjoy every second as before, accompanied by our trained and experienced staff.


Güral Premier Tekirova with a two-floored Main res[1]taurant, 4 A la Carte restaurants, Aquapark restaurant, Turquoise restaurant and Güral Premier Belek with one Main restaurant, 3 A la Carte restaurants, Aquapark restaurant and Beach Restaurant featuring large indoor dining halls and massive outdoor seating areas, will make you comfortable and create a peaceful dining environment without feeling the intensity. In addition, we will continue to serve in our A la Carte restaurants to guests who want to be in a more isolated environment.

Special Rooms

In addition to all the precautions we have taken, large and comfortable villas and rooms with a private pool and kitchenette are available for those guests who want to spend a more isolated holiday.


Our Quu Spa centers are built on a huge area of 3500 m2 and have been awarded for Luxury Fitness and Luxury Beauty SPA by the World Luxury Hotel Awards, one of the most prestigious hotel management awards in the world.


In addition to all the precautions we have taken, large and comfortable villas and rooms with a private pool and kitchenette are available for those guests who want to spend a more isolated holiday


Designed for evening shows, the huge Amphitheatre with a seating area of 1500 people in Güral Premier Tekirova, and tables located according to social distance rules in Güral Premier Belek, a professional stage for shows are available in both hotels.

Fitness & Tennis

In both of our hotels, our fitness centers are established on an area of 500 m2 and equipped with the state of the art equipment. Open-air sports area with the size of 300 m2 in Güral Premier Belek and 600 m2 in Güral Premier Tekirova are available. Also, professional clay tennis courts are available in both hotels with 8 courts in Belek and 13 courts in Tekirova.